Ancient Earth Star

These Crystal Grids are amazing! A high frequency art work to hang on your wall. Framed in oak these are really sensational and work on a subtle level day in and day out.
Ancient Earth Star is an intergalactic and earthly crystal grid, connecting our energetic field to the heart of the Earth and our star family.


This crystal grid uses the frequencies of clear Quartz, Peridot, Lemon Quartz, Amazonite, Green Kunzite, Australian Prehnite, Aqua Marine and Apophyllite to activate the heart chakra and create a link through the heart of the earth and up through our beloved star system.

The Energies of this grid link us to the Leumurian and Atlantic Earth memories within the earth’s field and connect us to the knowledge of who we are.

Lemon Quartz is one of the highest vibrational crystals and opens the heart and etheric field to the benevolent energies available to us to healing and clearing debris, trauma and pain from our energetic system. I have used specific heart chakra activating crystals to expand and heal the heart space and open a gateway to move solely from the sacred space within your heart.

This piece is 50x50cm, framed in a white pine recycled timber frame that has been locally hand made. it is ready to hang on your wall or sit upon your alter.