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Vanessa Conrad



BDes MDes

Designer, Entrepreneur, Brand Development & Management Specialist, Yoga teacher, Lightworker

Vanessa Conrad is a designer, entrepreneur, luxury brand specialist, yoga teacher, lightworker and founder of Kind Humankind, an ethical fashion label that produces only natural fibres clothing. The label is also a social venture. A hybrid between business and social action that works with third world countries to help improve the lives of the women who work in the garment manufacturing industry.


In 2016 the passionate Brazilian-Australian designer Vanessa Conrad quit her traditional fashion industry career and set out to go on a journey around the world in search of a kinder and more environmentally friendly way to produce good clothing for good people. After years working in the fashion industry in parallel to her lightworker mission and her passion for yoga, she decided that she could no longer continue to work in an industry which she knew was harming the lives of many and as well as the future of our planet. Her journey through the Ancient Silk Road took her to the magnificent and yet chaotic post-quake Nepal. After spending time connecting with the beautiful Nepalese people, making friends, learning about their struggles, history, and culture, the trip quickly developed into a humbling life-changing experience. It was by a twist of faith that they came across some of the world’s purest fibres such as linen, cotton, wool, and cashmere paired with an unmatched level of skilled craftsmanship provided by the Nepalese garment workers. Squeezed right in the middle of the two giant toxic clothing manufacturing Industrial powerhouses of India and China, she learned that because Nepal was a landlocked county, the region had been priced out by the fierce competition that India and China posed and that the country, that was in desperate need of trade in order to rebuild after the quake, could no longer maintain its long-standing garment manufacturing traditions. She was heartbroken to learn that thousands of years old artisanal tradition was dying and it was precisely because of that she set out to create Kind Humankind. An ethical fashion label that makes the finest clothes with the utmost respect for every living being on our planet. The designer realised that the garment industry in Nepal could potentially be the fashion world’s most well-kept secret. Her goal with the creation of Kind Humankind is to build a business that is not only able to produce beautiful clothes but to build a socially conscious company that brings prosperity to the lives of all individuals involved in the process. Vanessa could undoubtedly be characterised as the “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers…” type. She is part of the generation that believes in the radical idea that it is possible to have a prosperous business whilst making the world a more fair, peaceful and happy place. Because we are the ones we have been waiting for.