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Pilates for face and neck problems

Mon,Dec 17, 2018 at 11:50AM by

In 2018 Body Organics launched Makarlu Lotus product at the Pilates Method Alliance conference in the USA. The product was very well received and many people said “Oh, it is so beautiful, but what do I do with it?”. I of course said there is so much to do, let’s start from the top with the neck and shoulders. In this blog, I am going to show you some great ways to use your Makarlu Lotus to release your neck and shoulders. The tips in this blog will be expanded upon in our Makarlu Masterclasses which we will be offering around Australia and the USA in 2019.

One of the reasons I like working with the Makarlu is that it means I can use all of the domes for different things, rather than me having to drag out many different toys for one client, which saves on tidying up and storage. Anyone who knows me knows that tidying up is not part of my skill set. In this series of videos we will use different parts of the Makarlu for different steps; if you don’t have a Makarlu then you will need HedgeHog, Back balls, Franklin Ball, pinky ball, La Cross Ball and a baby arc.

Let us start with the thoracic spine and neck

When working with issues in the neck and shoulders it is great to start with a focus on releasing the thoracic spine. In this exercise I use the smallest inner dome of the Makarlu to release along the spine and rib cage and then to work up and release the edge of the skull.

Next a balancing out of the craniosacral complex

When working with neck issues, it is always important to make sure you balance out the sacrum and the cranium, in other words the two ends of the spine. Very often you will find the neck positioning will change to accommodate rotations and problems in the pelvis and sacrum, this is something you will often see with scoliosis. To work with neck issues I will generally start with some general release in the sacrum rather than going straight to the neck. In this exercise we use the hardwood timber base of the Makarlu.

Step One: working craniosacral rocking through flexion and extension

Step Two: working on rotation of the neck and sacrum

Sinus issues

The sinuses are often a referral problem for people with upper neck issues. It is for this reason I always like to use the middle dome of the Makarlu to help work on the release of the facial sinuses.

For a full class on neck and jaw using the Makarlu