The Etheric Constellation


We LOVE these! Crystal magic, art, everything you need in one beautiful object to hang on your wall.

This piece weaves together the subtle lace of the light body creating a powerful, unwavering, geometric force field within the space you exist. The crystals are fastened onto the canvas print of the metatrons cube with golden thread which interlinks the energies of the crystals. Peridot and golden apatite are use as heart activators while clear quartz links in these energies with the high vibrations of appophyllite and selenite which are crown activators, opening the awareness to the cosmos and the etheric body.

This piece measures 52x52cm and is 8cm deep. It is elegantly framed in recycled mahogany wood, ready to hang on your wall in your space. This grid itself has a hard back and can taken out of the frame for cleansing and activating at any time.

The Etheric Constellation is a unique crystal grid which will become part of your sacred decor and personal healing journey. Although exquiste, this is indeed a very powerful metaphysical tool to be used with the highest and clearest intention.