Transcendance - wall mounted crystal grid


These Crystal Grids are amazing! A high frequency art work to hang on your wall. Framed in oak these are really sensational and work on a subtle level day in and day out.

This high vibrational crystal grid activates the powerful force of intuition that we hold within our third eye chakra. Opening the cosmic gateways to create a portal of light to descends upon us awakening all senses. The crystals are fastened onto the canvas print of sacred geometry, weaved on with golden thread which interlinks the energies of the crystals and helps them to stay in place. Pyrite is used as the centrepiece and surrounding to activate and open the soul star chakra. This chakra is a gateway, a filter of wisdom and cosmic knowledge through the higher stellar gateway chakra into the crown and the third eye chakras. Flurite, amethyst, azurite, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, kyanite and chariote are all used to clear and fine tune the frequencies of the higher chakras. This piece aids and supports meditation, psychic abilities, clear seeing, intuition and inner vision. The intention for this grid has been powered with Transcendance energy. Willing the spirit to transcend all lower, negative energies that are severing the connection to source and keeping us from fully knowing our true selves.

This piece is 53x53cm