Makarlu Lotus pair Magenta / Bamboo base


Marrying the latest knowledge about the fascial system and how integral it is to our feeling of wellbeing with timeless design, Makarlu is the exercise tool that everyone that exercises wants and needs! 

We love this product because it was designed with movement in mind, designed for any sport, every rehab method, any person with a body, it is limitless. 

It is so beautiful that you can have it on your coffee table so that it's on hand when you need it, not tucked away in a corner with the rest of the spiky balls and rollers.  I'm all about exercise being easy and achievable and this sculptural tool certainly facilitates that.

It is so much more versatile than your average spiky ball, it can be configured in so many different ways and in it's multiple varieties you can use it to: stretch calves, release plantar fascia, mobilise the occiput, release the ribs, mobilise the sacrum, strengthen feet and ankles, increase ankle mobility, they can be used as a wobble board.....the list goes on and on! BEST.

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