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Makarlu Coast Blue Basalt

Material: East Asian Bamboo

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The most stylish release tool on the market. 

MAKARLU Coast was inspired by the natural beauty of where land and ocean come together.

From water gently lapping at the shore, soaking into sun-kissed sand—to sheer cliff faces, rocky, rugged, and windswept—our planet has approximately 620,000 kilometres (372,000 miles) of coastline. Over one-third of people live within 100 km (60 miles) of an oceanic coast.

So much coast—so varied, yet so much the same—in that it holds meaning for so many.

Like the coast itself, MAKARLU Coast is both dynamic and beautiful. It is instinctual to be drawn to play with Coast, and also natural for Coast to be simply admired.

Comprised of our unique Nesting Domes on Timber Bases—the distinctive sizes, surface contours and textures of Coast are made for your muscles, fascia, and skin. 


Innovative, elegant, and versatile—MAKARLU breaks new ground in the
field of props and tools made for exercise, rehabilitation, and wellness.