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We believe that the body has self-healing capabilities, that there are things on this earth beyond man's reason, we believe in nature. We dwell in the mystical realm of intuition, kindness, earth mother’s love, the inquiring mind and old world remedies. We want the collective well of knowledge to be shared. We believe in the healing power of nature and take our stewardship of the earth seriously.


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Did you know that people suffering from arthritis that follow a whole food diet, free of processed and inflammatory foods may see a significant improvement in their symptoms?     

Did you know that pesticide exposure can contribute to increased cardiovascular disease risk and inflammation in premenopausal women?    Did you know that inflammation in the gut can directly affect mood and emotions?
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why it's so important to be

Plastic free

Read about the effects that plastics have on our hormones here and shop plastic free products here and here

too much beach time can bring on

Plantar Fasciitis

Read here to learn about fascia and here to see how you can fix Plantar Fasciitis using the lotus

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Slow cooked Greek Lamb

Slow cooked Greek Lamb

Written by: Sandra Thoma @sandrathomacooks Having been married to my Greek husband for over twenty years I learnt this recipe on our honeymoon fro...

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Winter warming chicken soup!

Winter warming chicken soup!

Written by Claire Grullemans As the weather cools down the kitchen heats up. That’s right it’s time to get hearty with a warm bowl of winter goodn...

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Wrist strengthening

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