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The Magic Healing Powers of Natural Fibres

The Energy body and why we should stop wearing plastic

The Vedic tradition, which is the most ancient surviving spiritual and mystical tradition known to man and also the underlying foundation of Yoga practice, is based on the belief that our physical body can only thrive and attain enhanced awareness, self-realization and ultimately enlightenment via the unification of body, mind, and spirit. The Sanskrit word yoga literally stands for ‘union’. According to the Vedic tradition, the human body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is the 3D physical body, which has weight, shape, and form. It is our physical body that we take to the doctor when there is something wrong, similarly to the way we take our cars to the mechanic when let’s say, it starts to make a funny noise. But the yogic tradition trusts that there are four other equally important fields of energy surrounding the physical body that is not easily seen and that is commonly referred to as the aura. Together, these five fields of energy, comprise the human energy body. It is in these layers that our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional characteristics are collected. The collectiveness of these five fields of energy manifests into the expression of who we are in this lifetime.


Because of the yogic tradition belief that harmony is necessary in order to find peace, joy, and happiness in this lifetime, they place an important emphasis on the concept of Prana. The free flow of prana (life force) is the main factor responsible for harmonizing the other four layers of our energy body with our physical body. The harmonized union of our energy body with our physical body is the ultimate goal of yoga. It is believed that the prana governs your biological processes, from breathing to digestion to the circulation of blood. Most holistic healing practices that are popular today focuses on the manipulation of prana in order to heal the body. Practices such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, veganism, vegetarianism, meditation, reiki, aromatherapy, EFT tapping, reflexology and we shall stop here because if we scan the world from East to West, from ancient times to the modern era, we will find that prana manipulation is the most extensive form of effective medicine used in the world.

When we practice yoga, when we get a massage, when we decide to eat clean and eliminate toxins from our home and any other form of self-care practice, we are essentially working on harmonizing our pranic energy. Another important aspect of prana is that the yogic tradition believes that everything that is in nature is composed of prana. Our planet, our oceans, our forests – they are all collectively and individually touched by prana and so are we. For that matter, our environment plays an important part in our lives, which is why a clean environment is essential for our wellbeing. By now, it is common knowledge that plastic is harming our environment and if everything is connected, it is no surprise that scientists have found direct links between the amount plastic in our environment and a decline in human health. Proving therefor, that ultimately that which harms our environment is also harmful to humankind.

Ironically, the yoga trend that has developed in the West has been built from its very foundation, starting with the use of highly toxic mass-produced yoga mats to the ‘Lulu Lemon culture’ upon -- plastic. As we flock in masses to various yoga studios in search of a happier and healthier life, we ironically start our yogic journey in a platform (yoga mat) that poses a direct interference in our energy field. In a practice that is highly dependent on the harmony, the union, between our energy body field and our physical body, many of us start, ignorantly covered and surrounded by a manmade toxic substance that hinders our progress from the very beginning. It is no wonder that the yoga practice in West has in many cases failed to deliver on the promise of self-liberation due to our lack of understanding in the importance of a clean plastic-free environment. Holding space, a yoga term that many are familiar with starts with a yoga instructor guiding you to first and foremost, clearing the space from negative interference and low vibrations, from breath to noise to the very restricted use of mobile phones. But we have completely overlooked the toxicity of our plastic laden yoga studios.


Thankfully as humankind wakes up to the consequences of our littering lifestyle and many of us have already made the commitment to become more eco-friendly and more responsible consumers, there is still one blind spot when it comes to the extensive use of polyester and other similar materials that are derived from highly polluting crude oil. We care about car pollution, single-use plastic items such as bags and straws, but why haven't we been closer attention to the fact that we have been wearing plastic?


A new field of studies has emerged in the textile industry that focuses on measuring the frequency (energy) of fibres. In 2003 doctor Heidi Yellen set out to measure the frequency of the most popular fibres used in the textile industry. According to the study, the human body has a base frequency of 100. Her studies were able to show that any fibre that enters in contact with the body has the potential to interfere with the human energy field and that any fibre that carries a frequency lower than 100 causes stress in the body. For example, a very ill and close to death person has a frequency of about 15. This low frequency is the same frequency that polyester, rayon, acrylic, neoprene, nylon and just about all fibres derived from crude oil register. Her studies also have shown that the most harmonious fibre to human is organic cotton that also registers a 100 frequency. Surprisingly, her theory also supports the ancient belief that some fibres, such as linen and wool possess such a high frequency (5,000) that can potentially have healing powers. Similarly to the way that holistic healing practices work with the powerful high frequency of crystals and singing bowls.

Such magic healing fibres can help with everything from promoting relaxation and better sleep, improve blood circulation and blood pressure and promote general wellbeing. Now that we know better, we can shed the light of awareness on to another important detail that could perhaps be just the change that we needed to make another important shift into a better and more well-balanced life.