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Small Double Loops

Small Double Loops are a must-have personal straps. They move with you. Ideal for all Pilates feet in springs and GYROTONIC® hamstrings series exercises.

Exercise freely and improve your range of movement to your maximum potential. Small double loop straps go under the foot and around the ankle, they are long enough for you to put them on and snug enough for them to stay close to your foot and ankle, giving you the confidence to practice knowing that loops will stay on, regardless of movements you make.

ELEMENTS offer 4 different linings that also determine how the straps perform and feel when you use them:

Cotton-mix: cool-soft touch, fresh, absorbent, light and bendy,hardly noticeable on

Fleece: warm-soft touch, cosy and comforting, light and bendy, hardly noticeable on

Faux fur:warm, super soft, breathable; heavier than Cotton-mix and fleece lined straps, still flexible and very luxurious to use barefoot as personal straps.

Neoprene:cool smooth and silky, cushioned and spongey, heavier than Cotton-mix and fleece lined straps, most sturdy of all, best for heavier load settings.