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The common name of Wolfberries is goji berries- the Young Living goji berry comes from the Ningxia region in China, which is unpolluted and only watered with pure, uncontaminated siltwater from the Himalayan mountains. As the water runs down the mountain snowpack and Himalayan foothills, it becomes charged with an unprecedented assortment of minerals and organic nutrients. By the time it reaches the Ningxia province it is a mineral-rich, superfertile siltwater found nowhere else in the world. The Ningxia Wolfberry is a superfood with the highest antioxidant score in the world. The ORAC (Oxygen radical absorption capacity ) is extermely high. One package has the anti-oxidant equivalent of eating 8 whole oranges.

Ningxia Red contains Wolfberries in a whole food purée form, so its not just the juice. That is important, because if it was juiced you would only get the phytonutrients, but as it is the whole fruit purée, you are getting the whole food value including the fibre and phytonutrients. It also contains juiced blueberries, plum juice, sweet cherry juice, Aronia juice and pomegranate juice and essential oils. All of the above are also fruit very high on the ORAC scale. The essential oils are high in D-limonene.

Ningxia Wolfberries Nutrient Summary
67 times the thiamin (Vitamin B1) of brown rice
2 times the niacin (vitamin B3) of bakers Yeast
3 times the vitamin C of raw oranges
5 times the calcium of raw cauliflower
2 times the beta carotene of raw spinach.

The Wolfberry is high in vitamins and nutrients:
Vitamins C: just 100g of dried wolfberries has more than twice the recommended daily dose of vitamin C with three times as much as oranges. Vitamin C is very important for immune enhancing properties as it fuels the white bloods cells ability to attack pathogens in the body.
Vitamins B1 and B3 (Thiamin and Nyacin):
Ningxia Wolfberries contain 67 times the amount of thiamin of brown rice! The Ningxia wolfberry is the richest known whole food source of natural thiamin. Thiamin is essential for energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and thyroid function. Ningxia Wolfberry also has 100 times the Nyacin as oat bran and two times that of bakers yeast. Niacin is well known for its heart support.
Ningxia Wolfberries also have a high mineral profile AND mineral balance! Vitamins can not be utilised by the body without minerals- so having both high vitamins and minerals in Ningxia Red makes it a very functional supplement.
Minerals need to be balanced, as excesses or depletions can cause poor immunity as well as many other health concerns. Both mineral content as well as balance in the Ningxia Red Wolfberry are without equal in the plant kingdom. With magnesium and calcium ratio at almost 1:1, zinc to copper ratios at 2:1 and potassium to magnesium ratio at 8:1. By drinking Ningxia Red, which
contains whole berries a in a purée form you will get a high balanced mineral source every day.

Calcium: The Ningxia Wolfberry has more calcium than spinach, walnuts or cottage cheese and five times the amount of calcium than cauliflower and it is more bioavailable than from an animal source (dairy).

Magnesium: 100g of dried Ningxia wolfberries contains 325% of the recommended daily allowance for magnesium.

Potassium: The Ningxia Wolfberry has 4 times the amount of potassium as bananas, and more potassium than dried apricots, sunflower seeds, almonds or figs. Potassium is the single most important mineral to human health and longevity being essential for normal electrolyte and PH balance within the cell. Potassium alone or combined with magnesium reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Chromium: chromium is part of the glucose tolerance factor. It enhances insulin sensitivity and makes it easier for glucose to enter the cell. The Ningxia Wolfberry has 65% the recommded daily
allowance for chromium.

Zinc: Zinc plays an essential role in the immune system, as it helps with the production of natural killer cells and enhances the ability of pathogen killling abilities of macrophages (type of white blood cell). The Ningxia wolfberry has more zinc than turkey, wild rice, eggs, Lima beans or asparagus.

The Ningxia Wolfberry is a protein power house: it contains over 15.6% protein by weight and has more protein than bee pollen and contains 18 (!!!) amino acids. It’s rich in the amino acids Larginine and L-glutamine. The Ningxia Wolfberry contains almost 1% of the amino acid L-arginine by weight-more than any other food! L-arginine helps reduce blood pressure, stimulates growth hormone and improves circulation to combat diabetes and boost immunity. The Ningxia Wolfberry has more l-arginine than shiitake mushrooms, cottage cheese, barley, yoghurt, spinach or dates.

Wolfberries also contain1.4% of the amino acid L-leucine as well as significant amounts of tyrosine which is a key building block of dopamine production. Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain that decreases with age.
With one of the highest percentages of fibre of any whole food, the Ningxia wolfberry has over 21% of fibre by weight. It has more fibre than oat bran and double the fibre of buckwheat. High intake of fibre is directly correlated with lowered risk of cancer, lowered blood pressure, better control of blood sugar levels, lowered risk of heart disease and improved cardiovascular health. As
the whole fruit, including stem, is puréed into Ningxia Red, all of the above applies for Ningxia Red.

The Ningxia Wolfberry is more that just a whole food multivitamin;it also contains a virtual cornucopia of exotic and unique phytonutrients that have been shown to protect the liver, eyes, heart and cellular DNA from age-related deterioration and disease. It also contains powerful immune-boosting compounds known as Lycium polysaccharides, a distant relative of the unusual long-chain sugars found in Echinacea purpurea, maitake mushrooms and other immune-building herbs.
Ningxia wolfberries are rich in a broad spectrum of carotene-like substances known as carotenoids. Beta carotene is only one member of this family of nutrients. Ningxia Wolfberries contain alpha carotene, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and Beta-cryptoxanthin. These have been shown to protect against skin cancers and eye problems such as age related macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in older people. A Harvard study has shown
that Beta-cryptoxanthin inhibits cancer, stimulates bone growth and was linked to an 18% reduced incidence of glaucoma. Zeaxanthin is a pigment concentrated in the eye, and lower levels of zeaxanthin are linked to age-related blindness. German scientist have identified a special type of highly bioavailable zeaxanthin in Ningxia Wolfberries known as zeaxanthin dipalmitate.
“Dried Wolfberries (Lycium barbarum) proved to be valuable zeaxanthin ester sources,” statesPeter Weller, a biochemist at Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, Germany. Zeaxanthin dipalmitate has been shown to not only protect against eyes diseases but also to defend against liver damage.

According to a July 2001 analysis at Brunswick Labs, the Ningxia Wolfberry contains 86 mg of ellagic acid and 1309 mg of phenolics per 100g , one of the highest of any foods tested.
In1998 Korean researchers discovered special compounds in wolfberries pyrolles and cerobrosides. These nutrients have been shown to protect the liver against chemical-induced hepatitis damage.
The Ningxia Wolfberry also ranks highest in its content of a unique protein-sugar complex known as Lycium polysaccharide. This low-glycemic polysaccharide is only found in lycium barbaricum and in a lesser extend in Lyceum Chinese. A number of studies have documented the cardioprotective, anti-cancerous and immune-stimulating properties of the Wolfberry polysaccharide. It may also lower blood sugar levels, reduce glycated hemoglobin and protect the pancreas according to studies.
The Ningxia Wolfberry has been shown to have one of the lowest glycemic indexes of any food.
Clinical studies have shown it only has a glycemic index of only 29, which is less than green beans (at 30).
Ultimately it is the unique synergy of all of the above nutrients in the Ningxia Wolfberry that is responsible for the ability to support so many different functions in the body, together with the other ingredients in Ningxia Red.
Pomegranates have been shown to combat DNA mutation, fight heart disease, and stop the growth of candida in the intestinal tract. Pomegranate juice has three times more antioxidant activity than green tea or red wine, according to reasearch at the university of California.
Blueberries are also one of the highest known antioxidant foods and are blessed with a unique profile of polyphenols that can protect the body from oxidative damage caused by aging and inflammation. The polyphenols found in blueberries are very different to the ones found in the Ningxia Wolfberry and protect the brain, heart and liver. Blueberry juice combats urinary bacteria the same way cranberry juice does.
Esssential oils high in limonene have been shown to have many health benefits.
Ningxia Red is not a juice- its a wholefood supplement that will give you energy, maintain stable blood-sugar levels, can be frozen to provide the healthiest ice block treats for your children and has a high bioavailability.