Caro Keatings runs the most established studio in Sydney offering

classes in the 

The Art of Exercising and Beyond ®


Everyone has a body but not everyone knows how to use it. Moving your body correctly is simple if you know how.  I will show you how to work each joint with maximum efficiency and teach you to move easily and painlessly.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to improve technique, a teacher looking to increase remedial understanding or you are simply wanting to feel amazing, this program is perfect for you. 


What we offer

The Pully Tower / Cobra®


The Pully Tower is usually the first piece of equipment that people work on. With the handle unit to support your arms you can learn to master the spinal movements with no stress on the spine. Stabilisation of the spine is also made easy when you exercise your legs lying on your back. 

This piece also has very advanced exercises as well as functional standing applications. 


GYROKINESIS® uses the principals of GYROTONIC® but it is done on a stool or on the floor on a mat. Anyone can do these exercises and will finish the class with a feeling of energy and alertness in their body. It is great for pregnancy and the elderly as it can be done sitting up. 

The Jump Stretch Board

This piece of equipment allows rehabilitation of the foot, ankle and knee without the pressure of load bearing. Fantastic for opening up the hips and working the legs in more ways than ever imagined, it has the versatility of being remedial or extremely advanced. The parallel bars facilitate gymnastic like upper bodywork outs and challenging full body exercises.



A fantastic piece of equipment for working the shoulders and upper back, this equipment is very versatile. You can teach shoulder stability while moving the arms in all the positions you would ever use in life. Fantastic for anyone who is pregnant, people re-having from a disk injury or with osteo-perosis. You can exercise the thoracic while still sitting upright.

My Training 

I studied Pilates in London completing my training in 1998. I then worked in remedial practices and with physiotherapists. On returning home to South Africa in 2003 I trained in the New York method of Pilates. When I came to Australia in 2006 I completed my GYROTONIC® training which I had been dying to do. I loved GYROTONIC® so much that I have been solely teaching that since. I am a qualified GYROKINESIS®, Jump stretch board and Gyrotoner instructor. 

Over the years I have taught many people from children to 85 year olds, from dancers to pregnant women. I love fixing broken bodies and teacher training alike. People and their bodies fascinate me and I am very lucky to love what I do passionately.

What I believe 

We all run around in our bodies day in, day out, but sadly most of us don’t know how to use them efficiently. Our bodies are intricate, complex systems with amazing dexterity and adaptability. However, sometimes wires get crossed, things go to sleep and the body’s natural balance is disturbed. This can lead to pain and physical fatigue, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Being pain free is easy and achievable once you understand how joints should work individually and how the body works as a whole. 

The body has it’s own intelligence and an amazing capacity for self healing. It will tend to heal itself at the slightest opportunity.  All you need to do is point it in the right direction. It is very simple. If you have been seeing endless practitioners with no long-term solutions, perhaps it is because in these treatments you are passive. When coming to see me you will be doing the work, slowly reminding yourself and your body how to be pain free and effortlessly strong. I believe in educating people to take responsibility for their own healing and through this take control of their body again. 


GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® & Logo and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


I have been raving to everyone this week how challenging, effective and different your method is but not even thanked you. So belated deepest thanks and gratitude. 

Dr Celia Finger GP 

In 20 years of being in the fitness industry I have never paid another trainer for one-on-ones but Caro had me the first time I lay on the table. I recommend her to anyone trying to get his or her body back to its natural state of fluidity whether it's rehabilitation (in all areas), a spiritual connection or mindfulness

Cindy Pasio - Pro Half-Marathon Runner 

Caro has so much knowledge not only in the Gyrotonic Method but also in many other modalities. She has an amazing gift in breaking movements down into basics and give clear instructions on how to improve. It is so enjoyable and deeply healing to have a class with her! I can highly recommend it to everyone. 

Aline McCarty - Massage and aromatherapist 


GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® & Logo and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.