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The Pully Tower /Cobra®

The Pully Tower is usually the first piece of equipment that people work on. With the handle unit to support your arms you can learn to master the spinal movements with no stress on the spine. Stabilisation of the spine is also made easy when you exercise your legs lying on your back. 

This piece also has very advanced exercises as well as functional standing applications. 

Jump Stretch Board

The Jump Stretch Board

This piece of equipment allows rehabilitation of the foot, ankle and knee without the pressure of load bearing. Fantastic for opening up the hips and working the legs in more ways than ever imagined, it has the versatility of being remedial or extremely advanced. The parallel bars facilitate gymnastic like upper bodywork outs and challenging full body exercises.


A fantastic piece of equipment for working the shoulders and upper back, this equipment is very versatile. You can teach shoulder stability while moving the arms in all the positions you would ever use in life. Fantastic for anyone who is pregnant, people re-having from a disk injury or with osteo-perosis. You can exercise the thoracic while still sitting upright.


GYROKINESIS® uses the principals of GYROTONIC® but it is done on a stool or on the floor on a mat. Anyone can do these exercises and will finish the class with a feeling of energy and alertness in their body. It is great for pregnancy and the elderly as it can be done sitting up. 


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