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  • Melatonin: The Critical Hormone & How to Optimise It

    Melatonin is an essential hormone that provides a multitude of benefits throughout the human body.  Mistakenly it has been dubbed the hormone of sleep, but more accurately it is the "hormone of darkness," since it trains our circadian rhythms to the day and night cycles, a critical cycle to be aligned with for optimal health.

  • Why Aromatherapy?

    Essential oils are a simple but powerful and versatile way to
    eradicate chemicals out of your life. They can be used for
    cleaning, beauty, personal care, and as a home remedy,
    effectively substituting most toxic chemicals in your home.
  • Cleaning Products As Damaging As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

    A surprising new study on the long-term health effects of cleaning products found that inhaling sprays and other chemical cleaners at home or work may be as damaging to lungs as a 20-year, pack-a-day smoking habit
  • What is Face Yoga?

    Written by: Orna Binder Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exerci...
  • Estrogen and Coffee

    Leia Cohen & As an Integrative Health Coach, I have recently been focusing on Hormone Health. For women...
  • The Healing Powers of Natural Fibres

    Ironically, the yoga trend that has developed in the West has been built from its very foundation, starting with the use of highly toxic mass-produced yoga mats to the ‘Lulu Lemon culture’ upon -- plastic. As we flock in masses to various yoga studios in search of a happier and healthier life, we ironically start our yogic journey in a platform (yoga mat) that poses a direct interference in our energy field.
  • How to manage stress with a daily self care practise

    We are each born with a unique nutrition and health ‘savings account’ – some are granted extra funds (via genetics, early diet, happiness, a healthy environment) while others enter the world already depleted. Each time we experience stress it draws on our reserves, syphoning credit away and gradually eating into our squirrelled stash. Eventually we enter the red – the timing is different for everyone, and once ‘bankrupt’, illness can emerge.
  • Fascia and What it Means to You

    ‘Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, the connective tissue network. You are about 70 trillion cells – neurons, muscle cells, epithelia – all humming in relative harmony; fascia is the 3-D spider web of fibrous, gluey, and wet proteins that binds them all together in their proper placement.’
  • How face yoga can wind back the clock

    Sarah Knapton Scientists have found undertaking facial exercises for 30 minutes a day can knock years off your appearance. Facial workouts – ...
  • How chemicals are messing with your hormones

    In terms of the effects of hormone mimicking chemicals in our bodies, we’re looking at compromised reproductive and behavioural health, immune systems, thyroids, neurological systems, and tumour development, all being very strongly linked – is not the fact that there ‘could be’ a link, enough when it comes to issues like this and their potential to affect us so adversely?  The power to vote through knowledge and with one’s dollar, is possibly the only true power we have – I ain’t waiting for 3 eyed babies to make the change!
  • Knee Pain - Balance

    Written by: Laura Quickfall at Muscle Medicine Balance and instability can affect function and pain more than you would imagine. Balan...
  • Pilates for face and neck problems

    “Oh, it is so beautiful, but what do I do with it?”. I of course said there is so much to do, let’s start from the top with the neck and shoulders.