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  • Pilates strategies for foot drop

    Foot drop, is a simple way to describe the loss of Range of Movement (ROM) in your ankle.   Dorsiflexion is what occurs when your heel is on the ground and the tibia (shin bone) is able to glide over the talus (ankle bone) in order to allow the foot to land in front of you when you stride.
  • Breathe Less to Breathe More

    What’s the secret to breathing well in everyday life?

    Breathing less not more seems to be the answer! In today's society with all it's stresses, speed and adrenaline, we have become a nation of over breathers, hyperventilaters and chronic snorers.  While we all know that we should breathe slowly there are a few misconceptions around that need to be corrected.

  • Plantar fasciitis exercises using Makarlu Lotus

    Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis well know that familiar, sharp pain in the heel and bottom of the foot. Taking those tentative first steps when you get out of bed each day can be a less than pleasant experience!
  • The Relationship Between Mind and Body How to Escape The Thought-Stress Loop

    We recognise how stressful thoughts are linked to physical stress, like imagining a future situation creating tension in the body. The question is; does thinking create stress, or does stress create thinking? Do our minds create fear, or does fear create our thoughts?